Qatar World Cup Schedule 2022

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Qatar World Cup Schedule 2022

I will let you know all the details of Qatar World Cup Football 2022 schedule through today's blog post. Let's read your posts carefully to know Qatar World Cup schedule 2022 then let's get started

Qatar World Cup Schedule 2022: Qatar Football World Cup 2022 is the center of attraction for those of us who love football, so in today's blog post Qatar World Cup schedule, and Qatar World Cup Stadium, how you can go to watch Qatar World Cup, and which Qatar World Cup teams participate. Will you ever play with Qatar World Cup 2022, all the information will be presented in this post so read the whole post.

The fourth year of the International Football Championship is going to be held in Qatar. The 22nd FIFA World Cup is going to start from next November. A total of 32 teams will participate here. Due to the unfavorable summer heat in Qatar, the 2022 World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 16. A total of 8 groups will play. Each group will have 4 teams. FIFA has published the list of the group.

Qatar World Cup schedule at a glance

Group stage November 21 to December 2, 2022
Round of 16 December 3 to 6, 2022
Quarterfinals December 9 to 10, 2022
Semifinals December 13 to 14, 2022
Third-place match December 17, 2022
Final December 18, 2022
Qatar World Cup 2022

32 teams will participate in this year's World Cup. The group stage games of this year's event will be held at Bangladesh time, 4 pm, 6 pm, and down at 10 and 1 pm. The pre-quarter finals will be held at 9 pm and 1 pm Bangladesh time.

The semi-finals will be held at Doha Stadium at 1pm Bangladesh time and the final will be held on December 16 at Losail Stadium with a capacity of 80,000.

November 21-22

Time Bangladesh 4 pm - Senegal-Netherlands: Al Bayt Stadium

 6pm —–England-Iran —–Al Thumama Stadium

 10pm: Qatar-Ecuador: Khalifa International Stadium

 1pm: United States: Wales / Scotland / Ukraine) - Al Ryan Stadium

22 November - 22 Qatar World Cup 2022

Time Bangladesh 4 pm - Argentina - Saudi Arabia - Al Janub Stadium

6pm - Denmark-Tunisia - Education City Stadium

10pm —– Mexico-Poland —– Ras Abu Aud Stadium

1pm: France-Peru / Australia / UAE): Lucille Stadium

November 23 - 22 World Cup in Qatar

Time Bangladesh 4pm: Mexico-Croatia 6 + Al Thumama Stadium

6 pm-Germany-Japan —– Khalifa International Stadium

10pm — Spain-Costa Rica / New Zealand আল– Al Ryan Stadium

1pm: Belgium-Canada-Al Bayt Stadium

November 24: World Cup in Qatar

Time Bangladesh 4 pm: Switzerland - Cameroon - Al Janub Stadium

6 pm - Uruguay-South Korea - Education City Stadium

10 pm: Portugal-Ghana - Ras Abu Aud Stadium

1pm: Brazil-Serbia: Lusail Stadium

November 25:

Time Bangladesh 4pm: Iran v Wales / Scotland / Ukraine - Al Ryan Stadium

6 pm: Qatar-Senegal: Al Thumama Stadium

10pm: Netherlands-Ecuador: Khalifa International Stadium

1pm — England-America —– Al Bayt Stadium

November 26: World Cup in Qatar

Time Bangladesh 4pm: Tunisia vs Australia / Emirates — Al Janub Stadium

6 pm: Poland-Saudi Arabia-Education City Stadium

10 pm: France-Denmark-Ras Abu Aud Stadium

1pm: Argentina-Mexico-Lucille Stadium

November 26 - World Cup in Qatar

  Time Bangladesh 4 pm - 6 Saudi Arabia - Argentina: - Al Ryan Stadium

     6 pm - Croatia-Canada: Al Thumama Stadium

       10 pm: Spain-Germany - Khalifa International Stadium

      1pm: Japan-Costa Rica / New Zealand) Al-Bayt Stadium

November 26: World Cup in Qatar

Time Bangladesh 4 pm - Cameroon - Serbia - Al Janub Stadium

7 pm: South Korea-Ghana - Education City Stadium

10 pm: Brazil-Switzerland: Ras Abu Aud Stadium

1pm: Portugal-Uruguay — Lucille Stadium

November 29: World Cup in Qatar

9pm - Netherlands-Qatar-Khalifa International Stadium

9pm - Ecuador-Senegal — Al Rayyan Stadium

1pm: England v Wales / Scotland / Ukraine - Al Bayt Stadium

1pm - Iran-America: Al Thumama Stadium

November 30: World Cup in Qatar

9 pm - Tunisia-France - Lusail Stadium

9pm: Denmark vs Australia / Emirates: Ras Abu Abd Stadium

1pm —– Saudi Arabia-Mexico — Lucille Stadium

1pm: Poland-Argentina: Ras Abu Abd Stadium

December 1: World Cup in Qatar

9 am Bangladesh time: - Croatia vs Belgium - Al Ryan Stadium

9 a.m .: Canada vs. Morocco - Al Thumama Stadium

1pm: Japan v Spain - Khalifa International Stadium

1pm: Costa Rica / New Zealand vs Germany - Al Bayt Stadium

December 2: World Cup in Qatar

9am Bangladesh time: Ghana v Uruguay - Al Zanob Stadium

9 a.m .: South Korea vs. Portugal —–Education City Stadium

1pm - Serbia vs Switzerland - Stadium 974

1pm — Cameroon v Brazil: Lucille Stadium

Knockout episode Qatar World Cup 2022

December 3

9 am Bangladesh time - Group A-1-B-2 - Khalifa International Stadium

1pm: Group C-1-GroupD-2 —– Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

December 4

9 am Bangladesh time - - (D1-C2 -) - Al Thumama Stadium

1pm - (- B1-A2) - Al Bait Stadium

December 5

9am Bangladesh time - E1-F2 - Al Janob Stadium

1pm: G1-H2: Stadium 984

৬ Decemberঃ

9 a.m. Bangladesh time: F1-E2: Education City Stadium

1pm: H1-G2: Lucille Stadium

Quarter final Qatar Football World Cup 2022

December 9

  1pm: Winner of 49th match - Winner of 50th match - Lusail Stadium

9pm 8–53 Match Winner-54 Match Winner - Education City

December 10

 9pm: Winner of Match 55 - Winner of Match 57 - Al Thumama Stadium

1 a.m : Wins Match 51 - Wins Match 52 - Al Bait Stadium

Semi-final Qatar Football World Cup 2022

13 December:

1:65 pm Winner of Match 75 - Winner of Match 57 - Lucille Stadium

December 14

 1pm 659 Won the Match - Won the 60th Match - Al Bait Stadium

Third place Qatar World Cup 2022

December 16

   9pm - Two semi-final losers - Khalifa International Stadium

Final Qatar World Cup 2022

December 16:

  9pm —– Two semifinal winners —– Lucille Stadium

Argentina and Brazil's Qatar World Cup schedule 2022

Most of the football lovers in Bangladesh support Argentina and Brazil and never miss watching Argentina and Brazil play, so especially Argentina and Brazil Qatar Qatar World Cup schedule is given below 2022, and a few more teams that we all watch games like Portugal. , Germany, France, and Qatar will get down to the 2022 World Cup schedule.

November 22: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia
November 26: Argentina vs Mexico
November 30: Argentina vs Poland
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Brazil Football World Cup Schedule:
November 24: Brazil vs Serbia
November 26: Brazil vs Switzerland
December 2: Brazil vs Cameroon
Germany Qatar World Cup Schedule:
November 23: Germany vs Japan
November 26: Germany vs Spain
December 01: Germany vs Costa Rica / New Zealand
France's World Cup schedule in Qatar
November 22: France vs (Peru / Australia / UAE)
November 26: France vs Denmark
November 30: France vs Tunisia

Portugal's World Cup schedule in Qatar:

November 24: Portugal vs Ghana
November 26: Portugal vs Uruguay
December 2: Portugal vs South. Korea

Group list of Qatar Football World Cup 2022
World Cup Football Group-A

 Ecuador, Qatar
Senegal Netherlands

World Cup Football Group-B

England Iran
America Wallace / Scotland / Ukraine

World Cup Football Group-C

Argentina Saudi Arabia
Mexico Poland

Qatar World Cup 2022 Group-D

France Denmark
Tunisia Peru / Australia / United Arab Emirates

Qatar World Cup 2022 Group-E

Spain German
Japan in Costa Rica / New Zealand

Qatar World Cup 2022 Group-F

Canada in Belgium
Morocco Croatia

Qatar World Cup 2022 Group-G

Brazil Serbia
Switzerland Cameroon

Qatar World Cup 2022 Group-H

Portugal song
Uruguay Kuria Republic
Visit Qatar World Cup 2022 Groups List to know which group is better: Qatar World Cup 2022 Groups List

Which field will be played
The games will be played in eight stadiums in five cities across Qatar.

Al Bayt Stadium, Al Core
Al Ryan Stadium, Ryan
 At Al Janub Stadium, Al Waqrah
Tamama Stadium, Doha
Education City Stadium, Doha
Caliph International Stadium, Doha
Stadium 964, Doha
Lucille Stadium, Lucille
Visit to see and see the Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums

Each stadium is about 45 miles apart.

How to go to Qatar World Cup?
In this year's World Cup, football fans may be planning how to watch the game sitting in the gallery. For them, the Spanish news outlet Marca published a report.

Qatar Football World Cup 2022: What is the ticket price for Qatar World Cup?
Qatar World Cup ticket prices are not specified. However, the average ticket price for the group stage matches is ২ 152 which is a little more than 13 thousand Bangladeshi rupees. Tickets for the next round will naturally be a little higher. Final ticket prices will be the highest. Only the tickets for the first episode have been published in the notification.

Travel expenses for Qatar World Cup?
The cost of a ticket for the economy class flight from Dhaka to Qatar will be around one lakh rupees. And business class tickets will cost around one lakh and twenty five thousand rupees. However, as the World Cup draws to a close, ticket prices may rise.

Qatar World Cup accommodation costs?
If you have relatives or friends in Qatar, you will not have to bear the cost of accommodation. But those who have no relatives, they must find a residential hotel. The hotel costs ড 600 per night, which is about 52,000 Bangladeshi rupees. And if you want to watch the game with the family, then the cost will increase to about 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees.

The cost of food and drink at the World Cup in Qatar?

If you want to eat in a fast food chain, the cost per meal will be at least ৭ 8, which is about 600 Bangladeshi rupees.

And if you want to eat in other restaurants, the cost will increase to 25 dollars, which is about 2 thousand rupees in Bangladeshi currency.

Travel expenses to Qatar?
There is no separate cost from the hotel to the stadium. After your ticket is confirmed, you will be given a fan ID card, which is called Haiya card in Arabic. Using this card you can travel for free to watch the game at the hotel stadium.

In addition, if you want to stay in Qatar for ten days with the incidental cost, the possible cost will be around 6 lakh rupees (Source: Spanish media "Marca").

How do you buy tickets for the Qatar World Cup 2022?

Step-1: First click on the link below: Or Click here

Step-2: Select the ticket amount according to your preference and the amount of money.

And ok. Click on the option, then click on yes or no and click on the Continue option and wait.

Step-3: Ask for your name, email address with phone number, click OK after giving everything, then pay with your debit or credit card,

Step-4: After payment you will receive confirmation mail. It's time to buy your ticket. Now it's time to buy a plane ticket. Keep an eye on our page to know how to buy a plane ticket. Thanks.

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